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Tel: 01305 268399


Glencairn House
16-17 Cornwall Road



Glencairn is easily accessible by road or rail.

By car the A37 or A35 will take you directly to Dorchester. Glencairn is situated in the heart of Dorchester on Cornwall Road, directly opposite the Borough Gardens.

Dorchester is very well served by local buses. The main stop on Trinity Street is only a few minutes walk across the Borough Gardens.


If you are travelling by rail there are two train stations in Dorchester. Glencairn is a five minute walk from Dorchester West Station.

Visiting your loved ones


We want the atmosphere to be lively and friendly - so don’t be shy about calling in regularly.


We do our utmost to make it easy for guests to keep in touch with family and friends. Visiting times are kept as flexible as possible for this reason.


The lounge and patio are arranged with smaller seating areas so that individual groups can socialize easily.


Tea and coffee are always available for our visitors. Children are most welcome.